I am so excited to be running to represent you on King Township’s Municipal Council. Over the last several weeks I have been going door to door meeting residents and talking about concerns and the future of Ward 4. As your Councillor I will provide the leadership to ensure that the future of our community meets your needs and your vision. For information on my background click on “About Mary”. If you would like to contact me with questions or concerns or if you want to donate to my campaign, take a sign or volunteer, I can be reached at MaryforCommunity@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check out my platform detailed below. For information about the election or to find out if you are registered to vote go to www.King.ca or call 905-833-5321.

Don’t forget to get out and vote on October 22.

My Platform (click here to view my press release)

What I believe

I believe in a vision for Ward Four and the Township of King that focuses on protecting the character of our villages and rural areas, integrating the built environment with the natural environment. I believe in vibrant, caring and self-sufficient communities invested in the development of local businesses and linked through pedestrian corridors.

I believe that this can be achieved through effective collaborative communication; supporting and empowering residents, local community groups and businesses; and promoting planning and development that address the needs of the community first.

Engage, Envision, Deliver

1. Engage

To encourage community-wide engagement through respectful, collaborative dialogue.

What I Will Do For You?

  • Make sure community members get the information they need about the things they care about (e.g.,new development proposals, service interruptions, bylaw changes)
  • Share information through the communication platforms that work for you (e.g., social media, digital media and print media)
  • Make myself available as a full-time Councillor to listen to concerns and answer questions
  • Advocate for the continued development of Township programs and procedures that allow for effective collaborative dialogue with community members (e.g., new Township of King SPEAKING tool)

My Promise

I promise to improve communication between the Township and the community to strengthen a sense of engagement and belonging.

2. Envision

To work collaboratively to build a Vision for self-sufficient communities that provide the services, business opportunities and natural environment we need to thrive.

What I Will Do For You?

  • Work with community members to build a vision for our communities
  • Actively seek out and promote the establishment of businesses that meet community needs
  • Work to enhance internet and cell phone services to increase local business opportunities, allow for working from home and improve access to resources and services
  • Advocate for diverse transportation options including active and public transportation
  • Ensure thoughtful development and redevelopment that serves our community: protecting our unique character and providing a mix of housing types
  • Promote the protection and enhancement of natural areas within our communities
  • Promote the establishment of walking trails and natural playgrounds in natural areas
  • Recognize the value of tree canopies, wetlands, and river buffers as providing important environmental services to our community

My Promise

I promise to support the evolution of vibrant and self-sufficient communities and act as a good steward for the environment.

3. Deliver

To take action on a vision developed by our community.

What I Will Do For You?

  • Create an action plan based on a strong vision for our unique communities
  • Ensure that our Township’s Official Plan and Zoning Bylaw reflect our vision
  • Support the Oak Ridges Moraine Plan and the Greenbelt Plan as they undergo review, to promote the protection of our rural areas
  • Work with Township staff and developers to ensure that development plans align with our vision
  • Support Council in making community-centered decisions

My Promise

I promise to work for you.